Gusto’s dining area seen from the pool.

GUSTO, Boutique Hotel/Gourmet restaurant, adds charm and class to the list of wonderful dining venues for which Cuernavaca is famous.

Those of us privileged to live in the “City of Eternal Spring” are blessed with an amazing choice of outstanding restaurants, and visitors have an equally amazing choice of accommodations to ensure a pleasant stay.

Of course, most residents have no reason to investigate hotels. Yet many Cuernavaca residents have yet to discover the unique charms of Gusto’s gourmet restaurant.  I added it to the 2013 edition of my guidebook. Located on a quiet street in Colonia Acapantzingo, the spacious green areas and lovely heated swimming pool provide a tranquil setting for an enjoyable lunch or dinner.

The menu features Mexican as well as international cuisine served attractively by attentive wait staff.  Owner Ruth Geary deserves praise for finding such qualified personnel and seeing to it that they live up to a high standard of service. Of course you can’t train personality, but staff members like Ángel, Matías, and others have a special knack for making guests feel welcome.  

At a recent afternoon dinner party for 40 members of the expat community and their Mexican friends, I arrived expecting that the staff would be a bit overwhelmed by the occasion. On the contrary, they more than met the challenge, managing individual bills and serving  ala carte orders with grace and efficiency, keeping the water glasses full, replenishing drinks, and even preparing Caesar salad at the table. Delivering the checks and charging the credit cards went smoothly considering the large number of separate bills. It’s good to know there are establishments that can offer such efficient service and a tasty menu to so many people. Groups are not that common so one can arrive for lunch or dinner and be assured of an intimate experience.


Except where noted, photos are by Jim Horn. Click on a photo to enlarge it.

For more photos, room rates, and other details, the website is

GUSTO.  Calle 16 de Septiembre #44, Col. Acaptantzingo, Cuernavaca, Mor.

Tel. (777) 318 3563.    



  1. I wanted to tell you how much I have been enjoying all your recent posts: the gardens, the history, and now this hotel. I really miss Cuernavaca and mx. Did get a little piece when we were in Cozumel and seeing some Mayan ruins when we are traveling on a cruise boat. Haven’t given up the thought that I will get back. Have sent several students to Universidad since I have been able to come. Feliz Navidad. Mary Lou Moore.

    • Thanks Mary Lou, nice to hear from you. Sorry you haven’t been able to get back in so long. Despite the taint of bad publicity from other areas, ours keeps getting better. Feliz Navidad, Jim

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