The New York Botanical Garden is a treasure by itself, but adding the brilliant jewels created by glass sculptor Dale Chihuly makes the shine even brighter. His colorful and impressive works decorate the garden and especially the conservatory, where they nestle among the greenery or float in ponds, competing with mother nature. The exhibit closes October 29 so hurry if you can make it to this stunning show.

 The New York Botanic Garden is in the Bronx, a long way from mid-town Manhattan, but easily accessible by public transportation. It was established in 1891 and has been designated a National Historic Landmark. In addition to providing visitors with a visual masterpiece, it is a renowned research and educational institution as well. With 250 acres, be sure to find the stops for the tram that carries one comfortably through the various zones with their diverse collection of over a million trees and plants. I wish I had gone in May when the azaleas and peonies are in bloom and the rose garden is fresh. You can get more information on the garden website

The website provides directions by train or subway. Since I was near a subway station I chose that means and it was a huge mistake. The B or D train from Rockefeller Center stopped scores of times and took over an hour to arrive at Bedford Park Blvd from which you have a half hour walk. Foolish of me not to check the train instructions. The Metro North from Grand Central Station has a stop just a short walk from the entrance and takes only about 25 minutes. It pays to do one’s homework.

The photos below tell their own story and are not captioned. Click on the first one to enlarge it, then use your forward arrow to scroll through the series. Enjoy.



  1. gorgeous photos!! i was lucky enough to see it at the Denver Botanic Gardens and these pics took me right back and were an even better layout! i have only been to NY Botanic once to see the Frida Kahlo exhibit 2 years back…such a lovely place!

  2. Looks like we were on the same wavelength – I just posted on my day trip and many of our photos are identical – right down to the sacred lotus! I looked at taking the subway and saw the bus/walk part so we took the 1 train down to GCT and went via Metro-North. I especially like the way you created a collage of your photos – is that part of your page design or do you have an app that does it?

  3. Thanks for y our comments. The collage form is one of the options on wordpress, singles, rows of 2,3,4, or more…I try to mix them up to prevent monotony. Just got back to Mexico and haven’t had time to look at your blog. Glad you got to the botanical garden.

  4. Jim, I went through this again because of the SUNY Retirees publication. One thing sort of leads to another. I love glass and these are tremendous. The real live things are pretty neat too. Wonderful photographs. Pat Baker

  5. Jim, strolling thru your blog came across this one …what a treat! I did make it to NYBG in 2012 while living in NJ and have seen DC exhibit at Denver Botanical Gardens in 2014. Will be in Seattle later this month and will try to make it to his museum. I love his work!

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