The 2019 edition of CUERNAVACA, A GUIDE FOR STUDENTS & TOURISTS is available at

After hours of work and over 200 changes, I have published the 2019 edition of my guidebook, CUERNAVACA, A GUIDE FOR STUDENTS & TOURISTS. It has 24,218 words plus maps and photos. Sorry a print edition with so many color photos would be so expensive I would have to print 1000 copies to be able to sell it for a reasonable price, and then face a distribution problem. Hence the book is only available on for those who have a kindle or other e-reader.

Guidebook cover 3

Here is the link to paste into your browser. If it doesn’t open just go, books, and my name and book title.

There is quite a bit of information that has never appeared in CuernAds, but my target audiences are foreign students and tourists coming to Cuernavaca. If you have visiting houseguests, they would be able to access valuable information before arrival, including packing tips, beautiful excursion sites out of Cuernavaca, suggested walking tours, new museums, medical and dental services, best restaurants (that may not agree with your choices), nightlife (although not many of your guests probably seek hetero and LGBT venues that open from midnight to 5 am), plus tips on extending visits in Mexico City or Acapulco.

After my 30-year career as a university professor, I organized and accompanied 150 tour groups to 20 destinations in 8 countries, nearly 100 of them in Cuernavaca, including 80 groups for Road Scholar (Elderhostel). I think I know what appeals to most adult visitors. Believe me, book sales do not affect my lifestyle with royalties under 5 dollars a month. The book sells for a bit more than the price of a Margarita, and Amazon takes most of that.

This project is my way of giving back to Cuernavaca and the State of Morelos for a very successful business and a truly enjoyable life here. Besides, I am forced to try out new restaurants and evaluate new museums and tourist sites, just some of the sacrifices I make for my readers. I am forced to keep up on scores of changes on many topics except (gratefully) funeral services.

I regret that the print edition many of you purchased is so out of date you need to lend it to visitors with care. I have tried to unpublish previous electronic editions, but I advise you not to order any copy older than 2019, and never used books since they are totally obsolete.

If you discover any errors please email me at  

Thanks to all my loyal followers.



6 thoughts on “The 2019 edition of CUERNAVACA, A GUIDE FOR STUDENTS & TOURISTS is available at

  1. It seems to be available only in kindle. Amazon does not have the paperback available, according to what I read on Amazon. HMMMMMMMMM


    • Hi,my note explains why it is only available for electronic readers. Sorry. A print edition would require 1000 copies and I could never distribute nor sell that many. It has been an ebook only since 2013.

  2. Great news, Jim! Thank you. Mariana

    *Mariana Kramer*

    *MarianaKramerArtWorks* *website: * Text to: 678-713-9757 Facebook @ Mariana Kramer Art Works *Weekly blog at:* http:/

  3. I bought it and have read it .  Almost as good as a visit.  I hope I can make a visit before too long. I’m sorry to see that Gaia is gone…one of my favorites I took a  class in hx of Mexico at Wake . t h e professor had j Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

  4. Hi Jim, Sent this on to my son and his wife, in case they want to go to Cuernavaca. Wish I could do that, but not right now!! Cheers, Phoebe

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