Escorted Tours


After more than two decades, Educational Travel is no longer offering guided tours. After 30 years teaching in SUNY Brockport, including directing dozens of semester-abroad programs in Cuernavaca, I have been delighted by a long second career. I have been proud to have managed one of the highest evaluated programs for Road Scholar (Elderhostel) sharing my love of Mexico with 80 groups over twenty years. In addition, I have planned, directed, and escorted 66 private tours to numerous destinations in 8 different countries.

I turned 70 in February 2012 and I no longer wish to continue working and maintaining the corporation for just a few programs a year. The outrageous cost of liability insurance is almost the same for two programs as for the five or six I was doing previously. Due to low enrollment Road Scholar/ Elderhostel suspended my program in Cuernavaca after 20 years without so much as a thank you. It’s just not worth the work, stress, and bureaucracy to offer just a few private tours a year when I don’t need the money. I have an excellent pension, social security, and the fruits of wise investments made over the years, so I plan to just enjoy a more leisurely life here in Cuernavaca and in solo travels.

I have not decided yet what future challenges I want to undertake. Within a few months, readers of this page will be directed to a new website without Educational Travel Service. Thanks to the more than 2000 client/friends who have traveled with me. You have been a special part of my life and I am grateful for the opportunity to have shared with you many special moments in many memorable destinations. It’s been a great ride! My thanks and warmest good wishes to all of you.

Sincerely, Jim Horn

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