Cuernavaca, a Guide for Students & Tourists 2019 edition.

N.B. The Guide is currently being revised and updated so don’t buy it before mid Feb 2022..



is now available as an e-book at Just enter “James Horn  Cuernavaca” in the book search function. This is a guidebook to Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico, the City of Eternal Spring and the second largest center in the world after Salamanca Spain for teaching Spanish to foreigners. The text contains 121 pages  and includes three maps and color photos (over 24 thousand words, 1675 kb).Rather than a volume on tourist sites, hotels, and restaurants alone, this book offers material unpublished in English elsewhere on dozens of practical matters like weather, what to pack, internet access, cellular phone options, medical services, language school choices, shopping centers, gyms & recreational opportunities, local transportation, LGBT issues, crime & safety issues, and much more. In addition there are separate sections with travel advice for daytrips from Cuernavaca including detailed information on Mexico City and Acapulco.

Those traveling to Cuernavaca can now get all the information they need to plan their trip and enjoy the city and surrounding areas. Careful. Amazon is listing used, long out-of-date copies of the previous paperback editions of the guide at outrageous prices.



Cuernavaca is a resort city and capital of the state of Morelos 75 kilometers (50 miles) south of Mexico City. Its near perfect climate has attracted vacationers since the days of the Aztec emperors. Today its narrow streets host a strange mix of local residents, Mexican vacationers, tour bus temporaries, foreign students, international jet-setters, and Hollywood stars. Filming conditions are so agreeable that the Valley of Morelos has become a favorite of the U.S. film industry. In the 1960s Cuernavaca was discovered by North American and European students attracted by the language schools specializing in teaching Spanish to foreigners. Such schools have proliferated in recent years making Cuernavaca perhaps the best place in the world to study Spanish ! Tourist sites include the 16th century Cathedral, the Palace of Cortés,the Borda gardens, a spectacular public market with multitudes of cut flowers, numerous inexpensive markets for folkloric art, and some of the most beautiful restaurants in the hemisphere.


The weather makes this “City of Eternal Spring” one of the most agreeable places in the world, attracting retirees, vacationers, jet-setters, and northern “snow birds.” As you enter the city from the north at about 6000 feet altitude the temperature is fresh, but it gets increasingly warmer as you descend to the southern exit at about 4500 feet. The numerous hills and ravines provide for several micro-climates within the city.

During the dry season, October-April, you can expect weather like Indian Summer in the Northeastern United States, balmy days and chilly evenings with daytime temperatures in the 70s and 80s.

The mercury rises by mid March and reaches a peak in the 90s in May until the summer rains bring cooling temperatures. Late March, April and May are the only intensely hot months. Once the rains begin at the end of May or early June, spring-like temperatures return so don’t expect heat waves in the summer when it is cooler in Cuernavaca than in Alaska . The rains last until late September making for a delightful summer with abundant vegetation and flowers. Most showers occur in the late afternoon or evening and the sun reappears nearly every morning to dry up the evening puddles. It rains all day very rarely, usually due to a tropical depression or storm in the Pacific. Most days of the year Cuernavaca is a paradise for sun worshippers, so slather on your protective lotion and enjoy!


Cuernavaca is safer than most North American cities its size and it has escaped the violence that has plagued some border areas and parts of Michoacan and Guerrero states. Drug lords are killing each other in a struggle to control the traffic, and bodies have been dumped on Cuernavaca streets.  But tourists and foreign residents are not the targets nor the victims of the violence.  Tens of thousands of foreign students have studied here without a single casualty.  One can take taxis with complete security and not a single taxi robbery has been reported.   Most crime is petty theft and pick-pocketing in crowded places like tourist markets and buses. Of course one needs to take precautions typical of any large city like not walking alone late at night. Women are advised to take radio taxis to avoid being propositioned by drivers. Radio taxis are available 24 hours, the driver is known to the dispatcher, and the cost is just a bit more than a public bus in the U.S.

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6 thoughts on “Cuernavaca, a Guide for Students & Tourists 2019 edition.

  1. How up to date is this info.?Going jan, staying in cuernavaca in a private house. reports mixed. Thk you.

    • So sorry I did not get the usual notification that a new comment was posted. The material in the guidebook is
      very up-to-date with only a few restaurant changes. It is 2013.



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