Spanish Language Study in Cuernavaca, Morelos, México

Uninter campus foto


There is no better place to study Spanish than in Cuernavaca, capital of the state of Morelos, “city of eternal spring,” boasting a mean temperature of 75 degrees. Because of the mild mountain climate, it is cooler in Cuernavaca in summer than in Alaska. Winter temperatures are balmy with chilly nights. The city boasts a score of schools specializing in teaching Spanish to foreigners.

The best Spanish-language school in Mexico is UNIVERSIDAD INTERNACIONAL (UNINTER), formerly known as Centro Bilingue. The Spanish School is now a division of the larger Mexican university. No other campus can match the beauty of its physical plant, the enormous variety of its offerings, the high quality of instruction, and the wealth of social and cultural programs and excursions.  For more information check out the web page at

UNINTER is certainly one of the most beautiful schools in Mexico with attractively manicured lawns and gardens, cheerful classrooms, money exchange, and most important, a staff of dynamic Mexican teachers and administrators dedicated to your instruction.

The quality of the academic program has attracted a score of universities from the United States and Canada, including the State Universities of New York, California,  Union College, the University of Utah, and many more. Former students have included the ambassadors to Mexico from the United States (Hon. James Jones), Canada, Sweden, New Zealand, and Australia. Businesses and schools as far away as Japan and Europe send students for Spanish classes. The casually dressed student sharing your table in the cafeteria might be a foreign diplomat or President of General Electric de Mexico or Vice-president of Coca Cola or Pepsi Cola, (all former students).

Students from Saratoga H.S. CA, and others enjoy Xochicalco. Photo courtesy of Universidad Internacional.

New classes begin every Monday all year around for programs from two weeks to entire semesters. There are six hours of instruction daily from 8 to 2, and optional extra hours at no cost from 2-4. This includes both large and small group instruction. The three hour intensive small groups never exceed five students and can be much smaller off season. (The busiest months are June and July). An even more intensive executive program meets the needs of those requiring a rapid total immersion.

Prices for 2019

Family accomodations with three meals cost $25 US per person double occupancy, $30 single, $45 -$60 deluxe. Apartment rentals near the campus are described under that category on this site.

In addition to a $100 lifetime registration fee, weekly tuition in the regular program is $270 U.S., with discounts for returning students or long term options.

The executive program $550 (Option 4), $800 (Option 3), $950 (Option 2) and $1,250 (Option 1).  E-mail for details.

Long term and group discounts can be negotiated.

Pickup at the Mexico City airport can be arranged for $100 per car or $140 van (3 to 7 persons, same address).

You can apply online directly with the school at

You will find many articles on the city of Cuernavaca and information on the English-language Cuernavaca guidebook in other sections of this blog. Be sure to check out the Rental Apartment section of this site for affordable deluxe lodging walking distance of the school. See also Villa Golondrina at Vacation Rentals Cuernavaca.

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