A spectacular deluxe restaurant opened in June 2022 in Colonia Reforma, Cuernavaca. Amid the splendor of a stunning colonial-style mansion, the tables are surrounded by lovely gardens. The site occupies an entire block at the corner of Reforma and Xochicalco, one block beyond the glorieta. There is a large parking lot, valet parking, or street parking along side the park-like Reforma median.

One can have a drink in the bar area, overlooking a beautiful pool. There are many table options but only two round tables. Beautifully furnished private dining rooms offer comfortable venues for small parties.

The name Pixca means “pinch” as in a pinch of salt. The menu is a bit exotic with many unusual combinations. Prices are moderate for all but the normally high-priced steaks and seafood found at other fine restaurants. The small gourmet pizzas baked in a wood-fired oven are large enough for two persons. The beverage list is a bit pricey; the least expensive red wine is 510 pesos, with many bottles priced 800 pesos and up. The house red wine, Casa Madero, cost 240 pesos a glass. For some, this will be a special-occasion restaurant, although one can dine nicely taking care to order the moderate-priced menu items.

Fans of fine dining in Cuernavaca may remember Chef Andrea Blanco who provided a gourmet menu at Restaurant Gaia in the Cantinflas house in the city center. She left for several years for new experiences but missed her Cuernavaca kitchen and we are glad to have her back.

RESTAURANT PIXCA, Reforma corner of Xochicalco, Colonia Reforma, is open daily for lunch and dinner, 1:00 pm until 11:00 pm. I did not get a confirmation booking online, so best to phone or send a message on WhatsApp at 777 179 8696. You can view the menu and other details at http://www.pixcareforma.com.

Photos by the author.


  1. This seems to be a lovely place, Jim, and it’s certainly a beautiful setting. The menu items you described sound really delicious, and varied options. I’m assuming you have been there already – if I’m correct, what did you order and how did you like it? Best regards – Susan *********************** Susan Ansara 4471 Superstition Dr. Las Cruces, NM 88011 ansara@me.com 575-649-8786 ************************


  2. Thanks Susan, well I couldn’t have taken the photos without being there. The two plates I ordered are in the photos. The squash blossoms lacked flavor. The pizza was superb. Time for you to come back and try some of our great restaurants. Stay well.

  3. Thanks Jim. Appreciate your scouting and reports. I will visit. Gail Nava knows a bit about the house/ restaurant history.

  4. Thanks Jim, this is just what I was looking for. We are going to celebrate our wedding anniversary. 58 years. And we will do it at PIXCA. Am I right to remember that PIXCA is the national drink of Peru? The image on the bottle is Pizarro killing Indians and the brand is named EL DEMONIO DE LOS ANDES?

  5. Wow, 58 years of marriage. Congratulations. I forgot to ask the meaning of Pixca. The beverage in Peru is Pisco, wonderful in Pisco Sours. Have a wonderful anniversary celebration.

  6. Thanks, Jim. It certainly looks like it’s worth a try. We’ll do that first chance. Great article and pics, as usual.

  7. Hello Jim, Sounds like a lovely restaurant! Know that you will enjoy it. I think about my stay in Cuernavaca often. Life has a way of taking over and haven’t been out of the country in three years. I would like to return to Mexico this winter and considering Chiapas for several weeks. If you have any thoughts or suggestions I would be most appreciative as you were and are a wealth of information. Thinking of using a language school as my base as I did in Cuernavaca. Warm regards, Dorothy Lobel

    A picture of Adley, my first and only granddaughter on her first day of pre-school. She turned three in May and is learning Spanish!

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