My guidebook to Cuernavaca includes a list of my favorite places in Mexico City and Acapulco. See But I want to share this tip with my readers who frequent the Pacific paradise. I stay in a wonderful condo with a 180-degree view of the bay, but it’s not on the water. Some of the public beaches nearby can look a little seedy and most don’t have a shower or a pool one can jump into to get the sand out of the cracks. I love the deluxe hotels on the Diamante shore at Revolcadero where one can enjoy the beach clubs for minimum consumption.

One of the most beautiful is Quinta Real whose spectacular infinity pool overlooks the crashing waves. One has to pass two security checks to get on the grounds but the effort is worth it. Alas, the day pass fee has now been raised to 750 pesos minimum consumption. That can change at any time since they seem to have a high turnover in managers. Be sure to phone before you go since visitors are not welcomed during high season, holiday weekends, or when there is a convention.

Location and contact information are available at this link:

My current favorite day-pass beach is Mundo Imperial Pierre. (Mundo Imperial bought out the Fairmont Pierre Marquéz and the nearby Princess, and guests at the three hotels can shuttle to the others). One can drive up to the lobby entrance, turn the keys over to the valet, and proceed to the reception desk where credit cards are welcome. The pass includes a large beach towel and your choice of available deck chairs.

The current day pass costs just 500 pesos, about 27 US dollars at the current exchange, and 400 pesos of that is a credit toward consumption. Again, phone ahead to confirm the price and to be sure there is no convention or special event and visitors are welcome. I have gone without a phone call on midweek mornings with nary a problem, but I avoid Acapulco during Christmas holidays, Holy Week, and Puentes (holiday weekends). In July when all the students are on vacation, the pool may be filled with screaming children. There is something anatomical about little kids that they cannot swim without screaming.

The two things I like best about the Pierre are the superb, inexpensive food, and the fact that both pools are deep enough for water aerobics. (Quinta Real’s pool is too shallow for that). If I am going to share an order of guacamole and eat a large lunch, I like to work out in the pool for an hour beforehand. It relieves my conscience and I don’t put on that spare tire at the waist.

In 2019, the restaurant management changed and the pool-side menu took on a much more fast-food nature, hamburgers, hot dogs, tacos, and the like, and some of my favorite dishes like the shrimp coctail and fish tacos Ensenada style were removed. But a waiter told me to try asking for the dining room menu and, if not too busy, they might offer a greater variety of dishes.

Pierre 4

Not a shabby place to dine  at the Pierre with a view of Revolcadero beach,


The drawback at Revolcadero beach is there is almost always a red flag flying to warn one about the undertow and when there is a red tide hundreds of jelly fish wash up on the beach. Fortunately I prefer to look at the Pacific from inside the swimming pool. The beach is great for walking however and one can stroll or run for miles along the shore past numerous high-end hotels.

The U.S. State Department’s travel advisory for Mexico recommends that tourists stay in the Costera Alemán hotel zone in the Zona Dorada, or the safer Diamante area. I must spend at least one day of a visit at Condesa beach enjoying the incredible shrimp quesadillas at Beto’s. But the remaining days I want to take the three-minute Macrotunel from the old city out to Diamante and chill out with a good book, una chela bien muerta (an ice-cold beer), and the refreshing pools at the Pierre. See my previous post on the Macrotunel:

I have many other suggestions in my Cuernavaca  guidebook on what to do and where to eat in this charming Pacific port. Unless noted, the photos are courtesy of the Pierre’s webpage:


  1. Dr. Jim,
    I enjoyed the two posts on the new tunnel and the facilities on the Revolcadero playa. The inviting photos and essay motivates one to visit Diamante. We are glad that you have not promoted Acapulco Tradicional, or Old Acapulco from the Zocalo to the end of the peninsula. We already receive enough tourists during vacation periods and puentes, it otherwise has a quiet nature. The family oiented tourists seem to be of patronize small fondas and palaba restaurants. The hotels, those still open, are invariably older and smaller than Diamante. The large Caleta Hotel was bought by Carlos Slim and closed two years ago. The gem of ACA Tradicional would have to be the La Quebrada cliff divers and Isla Roqueta, which only gets better. Many kilometers of trails extend to all parts of the island. The main island beach and two hidden beaches are invariably clean and the water transparent. (The beaches on the mainland still need improvements.) Assigned for vigilance and security, the marines run a tight ship. All must be off the island by 6 p.m. So if a change from miles of beach on the open ocean is desired, considera a visit to the protected playas on the peninsula. The jury is still out on the renovations to the Zocalo which needs more or a professional design input and better materials.

    • Thanks for your tips Jake. The last time I went past the zocalo on a weekday evening it took me an hour from the Naval Base to Liverpool on the Costera. It sure discouraged me from going that far to dine. I imagine after rush hour in the morning one could do it faster. But I am so happy between Condesa and Diamante which are short drives from where I stay that I am unlikely to explore north. Glad you have found your favorite spots also.

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